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Our technicians always aim for complete customer satisfaction with all our garage door repair and replacement projects. Here are some examples of our recent work. Check them out to learn how our experts can help you today.

Track Replacement Near Permanente Area

Track Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Davis not only realized that his garage door had been moving much slower lately, but that one of his garage door tracks looked off somehow.
Our Solution: Mr. Davis had been correct, one of his garage door tracks had gotten warped due to age and wear. This caused the door to have trouble sliding over it. Our experts released the tension and disconnected the cable, springs, and opener to bring the door down and out of the way. We then unbolted the damaged track to discard it and install the replacement.

Alfredo Davis - Permanente
Panel Replacement In Campbell CA

Panel Replacement

Customer Issue: After a bump from her car damaged a panel on her door, Mrs. Kelly needed it to be replaced.
Our Solution: Our team carefully disconnected the garage door from the system to be taken down so the panels could be more easily accessed. The broken panel was unbolted from the door to be discarded, and a new panel of the matching size and color was installed.

Juanita Kelly - Campbell
Opener Replacement In West Valley

Opener Replacement

Customer Issue: Mr. Carlrabe’s garage door opener was approaching the end of its natural lifespan, and he opted to replace it preemptively.
Our Solution: Since he already had his door set up for a belt drive system, the customer opted for the popular new Chamberlain B730 ultra quiet belt drive opener. Taking out the old unit and installing and programming the new one was simple, though it also required a new handset.

Dylan Caelrabe - West Valley
Garage Door Troubleshooting | Garage Door Repair Cupertino CA

Garage Door Troubleshooting

Customer Issue: Door reversing for no obvious reason.
Our Solution: Seeing as the sensors seemed to be completely functional, and the circuit board didn't have any detectable issues, we started examining the hardware parts. Soon enough, we found a major blockage inside of the tracks, which prevented the door from opening fully. We cleared the tracks and repaired the bent parts that we uncovered. The door could once again open fully.

Neil Christenson - Cupertino
Roller Replacement, Garage Door Repair Cupertino

Roller Replacement

Customer Issue: Worn garage door rollers.
Our Solution: The problem with the customer's door was that it was barely able to move due to the fact that most of its rollers were badly worn. We replaced all of the damaged units and lubricated the new ones to make its movement smooth and efficient again.

George Thompson - Sunnyvale
Spring Replacement, Garage Door Repair Cupertino CA

Spring Replacement

Customer Issue: Spring broke and the door slammed down.
Our Solution: There's always a risk dealing with garage door springs, due to the fact that there's a lot of tension involved in replacing or adjusting them. We took extra safety precautions to make sure we were able to remove and replace the damaged unit without putting anyone at risk. After completing the job, we showed the customer how to lubricate the new spring to increase its efficiency.

Krista Velmy - Cupertino
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The Best Technicians

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Guaranteed Reliability

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Competitive Pricing

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