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Some people say that all garage door openers are the same, that they essentially fulfill the same purpose and that there isn't much difference. This approach isn't completely accurate as the different drive types come with a number of distinct characteristics. It's also worth bearing in mind that different garage doors and materials - wooden, vinyl or aluminum - perform in their own way and will likely require different strengths to manipulate the door. We explain more below!

Chain Drive Openers

Chain drives can be noisy but many still choose this type because the model is affordable and reliable too. The drive type can come in various sizes and typically works well for 8 to 10 ft high doors. If the loud noise is likely to bother you or if your bedroom is located just next to or above your garage, you may want to consider another one of the other options below.

Belt Drive Openers

These types of opener are ideal if you want something quiet. The belt itself is made up of a reinforced metal, but it remains quiet since there are no chain links to bump over the track. Most belt drive openers are perfect for garages that fit beneath the bedroom of a two-story home. A chain drive will more than likely cause too much noise in this circumstance.

Screw Drive Openers

Screw drive openers tend to offer a happy medium between the two types described above. Popular brands offering this type includes Sears and Genie. These units are powerful and much quieter than chain drives - they also don't require too much in the way of maintenance apart from lubrication now and again.

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Our team in Cupertino is on hand to help you choose the right unit for you. We can also look after the full installation process from start to finish. If your unit is simply playing up and not performing as it should, we can also help you with this - we're experts in solving problems related to circuit boards, broken wires, drive gears and more. Just get in touch!

In addition, we offer:

Garage Door Troubleshooting Services

Garage Door Troubleshooting Services

Genie Garage Door Opener Services

Genie Garage Door Opener Services

Broken Spring Replacement & Repair

Broken Spring Replacement & Repair

Overhead Door Repair & Installation

Overhead Door Repair & Installation


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